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Product Description
We have been working very hard to support your SIM Race PRO display with professional software from EKSIMRACING. You can now upgrade your firmware to be compatible with SLIMax Manager and enjoy the display with more than 40 games and simulations.
If you want to upgrade, please send display back to us for firmware upgrade. You will receive detailed instructions after purchase.

SLIMax Manager Pro software licence included.
20.00 EUR
This item will be back on stock on 5th September 2013
PCB Dimension 98mm * 26mm
RPM Lights 12
Warning Lights 3
External Lights N/A
Gear Indicator Yes
Display 4 + 4
PC Connection Type Mini USB Type B
Alternative USB Connector Yes
Adjust Brightness Yes
Digital Buttons / Encoders 29 / 8
Other Connections 3 Rotary Switches / 3 Analog Inputs
Warranty 12 Months
Weight 81g
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