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Product Description
SIMR-F1 has 21 bright lights and gear indicator. You can display various data on four digits on each side. Brightness is adjustable in software. Direct connection for up to 32 buttons. You can also connect encoders, potentiometers, external lights, hall sensors and rotary switches. Full kit includes:

  • 1x SIM Race F1
  • 1x Enclosure
  • 2x Rotary Switch
  • 3x Colored Cables
    • SLIMax Manager Pro software licence not included
    Old price: 250 EUR
    187.50 EUR
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    PCB Dimension 127mm * 31mm
    RPM Lights 15
    Warning Lights 6
    External Lights 7
    Gear Indicator Yes
    Digits 8 (14 segments)
    PC Connection Type Mini USB Type B
    Alternative USB Connector Yes
    Adjust Brightness Yes
    Digital Buttons / Encoders 32 / 16
    Rotary Switches 9
    Analog Inputs 2
    Warranty 12 Months
    Weight 165g
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