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Product Description
SIM Race LCD features 15 RPM leds, 6 warning leds and 4 external leds. It must be connected to the PC via USB and HDMI port. The powerful controller also includes the management of 32 digital buttons (or maximum 16 encoders), clutches, pots, hall sensors and rotary switches. It comes with 5" TFT panel and amazing screen resolution of 800x480 pixels. This makes display picture super easy to read.
  • Enclosure sold separately
  • Cables sold separately
  • SLIMax Manager Pro software licence not included

  • Updated version v3.3 with changed HDMI connector and external LEDs connection now requires 8-pin wire assembly (sold separately)
199.00 EUR
PCB Dimension 133mm * 84mm
RPM Leds 15
Warning Leds 6
External Leds 4
Display Type 5" TFT
TFT Display Resolution 800 x 480
PC Connection Required USB and HDMI
DIY USB Connection Yes (can be soldered on PCB)
DIY HDMI Connection Yes (can be soldered on PCB)
Digital Buttons / Encoders 32 / 16
Rotary Switches 4
Analog Inputs 2
Warranty 12 Months
Weight 220g
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